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Guinevere awoke to the rattle of the jarring wagon, she now lay in. Blinking slowly, she tried to grasp all that had happened. Supporting her head, with her hand, it was then she realized her hands were shackled! Then the memory flooded back. She had been seized by a Saxon. "But I don't remember being placed in a wagon..."

"I see you have awoken," a harsh voice said from the front. A very tanned and scarred face turned to look at her, and sneered. "A wench with your looks will bring a good amount of coins to me."

Guinevere turned her head. She would not allow his greedy eyes to look upon her.

"You put up a good amount of fighting for a woman," he spoke gruffly, and added: "Sword hilts did wonders to shut your trap. You tried to bite my fingers! If you ever attempt that again, I will take your hand!" he spat.

She was glad when the repulsive man turned back around, letting the hide cover slap back into place. Sinking down, Guinevere desperately wracked her brain for a plan of escape.

"Wagon--They're traveling by wagon," Tristan stated, as he stood up.

"How long would it take to catch up to them?"

"Not long, if we ride through the night, and if he doesn't loose the wagon."

"Which he most likely shall," Lancelot frowned, "we will ride."

Tristan nodded, and joined Lancelot's horse in the sprint forward.

Guinevere looked at the twinkling sky, through the split in the wagon cover. Brilliant stars dotted the midnight black sky. Thankfully, her captor hadn't spoken since earlier. Getting an idea, she stood and slipped her fingers into the split. Tearing it slowly, she worked the slit to the back of the wagon. One more tear, would be just enough for her to jump. She began to rip it eagerly, but with much resistance. A loud 'rrrrrrrippp!' sounded, and she heard the big oaf move in the front. Looking at the ever-inviting ground rolling by beneath her, she jumped!
The End...Maybe?
PhantomPirate7 is the author of 10 other stories.
PhantomPirate7 is the author of 10 other stories.
PhantomPirate7 is the author of 10 other stories.

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