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Story Notes:
All of the parts underlined only are deleted scenes I left in the fic for fun :)
Disclaimer: I don't personally know any of the people in this story, (although I wish I did, but I did meet Matt H. from Sanctus Real, that was awesome! :)
This story is written for fun, and is not meant to offend any of the artists.

Hawk Nelson burst into "Bring ‘Em Out", and Jason started singing.

Britt Nicole had finished her set, and was off to the left of the stage, working on putting away her & her bands gear. Finishing lugging the bass guitar off, she came back to wrap up a few other pieces of equipment.

Jason's eyes flicked down left and he saw Britt putting away her equipment. After she was done with the bass, he noticed that a person had slipped in nearby. Going back to the audience, he waved to a little girl who was being balanced on her dad's shoulders, not thinking too much about it. By the time he reached the first chorus, he looked back over and noticed the person was now closer to her... He was not one of the security guards. He began to get a bit nervous. Moving closer to where Britt was standing, he waited til a break in the singing came, and he leaned forward. "Britt!" he hissed.

She didn't hear him.

Looking back at the unknown person, he saw that he had moved closer to her, and was almost down right in front of the stage.

He froze for a bit, and missed his cue.

"Jason!" he heard Daniel call to him, "c'mon, you missed your cue!"

Jason jumped off the stage, "Go with me on this!" he yelled back.

Walking right up to Britt, he took her hand, "C'mon."

Climbing back up the stage with her, he announced, "Everyone, Britt Nicole!"

The audience cheered, and Jason gave her an extra mic, "Sing with me."

She glared at him, "What are you, crazy? I don't know the lyrics!"

"Just go with me on this, there easy lyrics," he said, letting go of her hand.

She rolled her eyes, but sang part of the chorus with him.

Jason noticed that the person had disappeared, and he furrowed his eyebrows in concern.

Wrapping up the song, he announced again, "Britt Nicole, everyone! Give her a hand, she did great!"

She smiled and waved, then turned to Jason, "You're insane, you do know that right?"

"Hey, listen Britt; can you hang around on the stage til we're done?"

She scoffed, "Why? No more surprise singing I hope? Look, Jason, I'm tired ..."

"I know, and I understand. Look, um, you can sit down on a chair, but I'd feel better if you stuck close by til we're done."

She rolled her eyes, "Fine. I sure hope you have a good excuse for this..."

Satisfied with her response, the band kicked off "Hello".

About three songs later, they finished the last song, and were cleaning up their gear, when Jason went over to her. "C'mon, I'll explain what happened."

Britt sat on the chair, arms crossed, listening intently to his story.

"He reminded me of that killer the police are looking for. He just came out of nowhere, and was heading right for you."

"It was probably one of the security guards."

"No, it wasn't. He didn't look like any of them. I didn't get any close-ups, but his structure didn't fit any of the guards."

"I highly doubt it's the killer they've been looking for, Jason. I mean, why come in here?"

"I don't know. I don't have an answer, but I do know what I saw."

Britt sighed and stood. "I appreciate your concern, really I do. Jason, you've worked hard on this tour, and I know you're tired. You need to go catch some zzzzs. Just go ahead, take it easy, and catch a nap. Everything is fine! I promise."

Jason just looked at her in disbelief.

"And next time you want to sing together, a notice more than one minute before would be nice. I'll see you later, and take a long nap, relax, it was nothing."

With that, she turned and walked off behind stage, leaving Jason standing there in awe. She didn't believe him.


"Hey Britt, what's going on?" Matt asked her, taking a sip of his water.

She let out a long sigh. "Oh, Matt... Jason thinks there is a stalker after me."

Matt sat his water down and looked at her. "What do you think?"

"I don't know... I think maybe he just needs some sleep."

"You know Britt, Jason may be crazy sometimes... but he's a friend, and I don't think he'd joke about something so serious."

"What do I do about it, Matt? I guess I was somewhat mean to him... it just seems so insane for a stalker to be after me. I just don't get it."

"I wouldn't dismiss it totally Britt. Jason's a great guy, and if it really is something this serious, I wouldn't just discard it."

"I guess you're right, Matt."

"I know I am, Britt. You can ask my wife, she had a stalker once too, and didn't believe me, of course until he broke into the house. She believes everything I say now. I've gotta go call her and tell her, I can't have any more children due to a medical problem. Catcha later."

"Maybe you should talk to Jason some more, Britt." He stood up, and gave her knee a pat, "Don't worry, everything will be okay."

As she watched Matt walk off, she hoped he was right. Standing, she started towards her trailer. She stopped, hesitantly, outside Hawk Nelson's trailer. "Maybe Jason was right. Maybe someone was out to hurt me." With indecision, she continued to her own trailer, hoping she could sleep well that night.

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