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Chapter 2: On the Road to Texas


The morning sun crept through the RV’s window blinds slits, and found their way to Britt’s face. Feeling a shaking movement by her feet, she moaned and turned on her side.

"Britt, its six a.m. C’mon, we’re getting ready to go on the road."

She sat up slowly, to see Matt at the foot of her bed. "Can’t I just sleep for another thirty minutes?"

Matt laughed softly, "No, sorry Britt. We’re all packing up things and we could use an extra hand. Then we’re going to get some breakfast at the Cracker Barrel… and Aaron’s treating."

Almost instantly, she became more alert, "Breakfast? The Cracker Barrel? Okay, I’m awake."

Almost as soon as she went outside, she grimaced inwardly at seeing Jason. That was the only bad thing about this tour… she wouldn’t be able to avoid him very well.

"Morning, Britt!" Aaron said with a wave.

"Hey Aaron. What do you need me to help move?"

"You can help Jas get my drum set. He’s over there," he said thumbing back to the stage door.

Inwardly Britt groaned. "Sure," she said, hiding her feelings.

She stuffed her hands in her pockets, and walked towards Jason. He let the door close behind him, and was carrying the center drum of Aaron’s set when he saw her. "Hey Britt! Morning," he said cheerily.

She was surprised at his good mood, considering all that happened last night, and how she had treated him. "Good morning, Jason." She helped him put the drum away, and then they both went back to get some more instruments.

"That was the last piece of Aaron’s drum set, but I’m just going to go ahead and put some more away."

She nodded, "I’ll help you."

She picked up Daniel’s guitar, while Jason grabbed a box of equipment. Her mind reeled as she followed Jason. "Why is he always so nice to me?" She couldn’t help but wonder what he could be after. As Jason was adjusting things to make more room, she headed back for the some of the amps, when she heard him say, "One of the amps in there is heavier, I’ll get that one in a sec, I’m just straightening out this mess a bit."

Britt eyed the amps, and she turned when she heard Jason talking, but she couldn’t hear what he was saying. She turned back to the amps, and grabbed one. She just wanted it all put away as soon as possible --- the eggs and bacon called to her greatly. She whirled around, but hadn’t seen Jason coming towards her. Before she knew all of what was happening, an ‘Oomph’ was heard and the amplifier dropped.

Her mouth dropped open. Jason stood in front of her, his hand on his temple, which was now red from where he’d been hit. She’d glanced from Jason to the amplifier, which lay shattered on the ground. "Jason, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there…"

Jason shrugged it off, "No problem, it was an accident. Don‘t even give it a second thought."

Aaron had jogged over, "My amp! What happened?"

"It’s my fault," Britt admitted. "I’m sorry Aaron."

"Mine, too. I didn’t tell Britt I was behind her," he paused, "I’ll get you another one Aaron."

"But what about breakfast, Jas?"

"Bring me back something, but hold the eggs."


Matt noticed how quiet Britt was as they sat at the Cracker Barrel enjoying their breakfast. He nudged her gently, "Hey, what’s getting you down?"

She frowned, "I’m such a klutz. I broke Aaron’s amp, and hit Jason in the head. No one’s ever going to want to tour with me if I’m always injuring them."

"C’mon now, you know that isn’t true. Don’t be so hard on yourself; the guys aren’t mad at you. Jason will buy another amp, and his bruise will be temporary. But if I know Jason, he probably doesn’t mind the injury," Matt said with a grin.

Britt smiled a bit, "For real?"

Matt chuckled, "Definitely. Check out their pod casts."

Breakfast was finished, and Aaron had left a hefty tip, especially since the waitress not only was nice, but attractive and they both had participated in some light flirting.

Aaron was paying at the cashier, when Jason came through the door. "Hey, everyone."

"Hey Jason, were you able to get Aaron’s amp?"

"Yes, it took me awhile, but I finally found one. How was the breakfast?"

"Good. We got you some blueberry pancakes," Daniel answered, handing him the carry out box.

"Thanks," Jason said with a smile. He drummed on the lid absent-mindedly, before quietly asking Daniel, "So…how’s Britt doing?"

Daniel looked at him, a coy smile on his face. "This is a surprise to me, Jas. However, I can see where this could be going. She’s doing okay. She’s been really quiet the whole morning, barely said a word to anyone, except Matt."

Jason didn’t say anything, but Daniel kept his intense stare on him. Finally, Jason chuckled. "Nothing is happening. I just worry about her."

Daniel smiled widely. "Nothing yet. Besides, usually the caring comes first." He punched him in the arm, "Anyway, remember to make me best man at the wedding."

He laughed when Jason turned a bit red.

"Ha-ha, laugh I t up," Jason’s face suddenly became more serious. "I’m worried about the next show Daniel."

"How come? I mean, you’ve had your hair black since the start of the tour…"

Jason grinned a bit, "No, it’s not the hair… but speaking of it, you won’t let it go that I changed the color."

"Sorry, I like it better blonde."

"Someone’s following Britt… and you know about that killer the Police have been pursuing for months?"

Daniel nodded.

"I think he may be the one following her. I’m just concerned he’ll be here again tonight."

Daniel frowned, "Have you tried calling the police?"

Jason shook his head, "She doesn’t believe me. Britt chalked it up there with me being tired."

Daniel cringed, "Ouch. Burn. What are you going to do?"

"I’m going to keep an eye out tonight. She was a bit mad at me last time, since I said she was going to sing with us."

Daniel nodded, but didn’t get to say anything else, as the others came up, all but Aaron.

Daniel turned and saw Aaron chatting with the waitress. He let out a whistle, "Yo Lover boy! We’ve gotta get going!"

Aaron turned and shot him the meanest scowl. He scribbled down some things and handed them to her with a smile. Jogging back to the group, he announced, "Okay, I’m ready!"

As they were walking back to the joint hotel, Aaron grinned widely. "I’ve got a surprise for you guys!"

Daniel groaned, "Ugh… I hate surprises…"

"Hey! This is a good one, I promise!"

"What is it?" Britt asked curiously.

"Well… Since, we’re going to be on this tour for a long time, I figured it would be good to get to know each other even better. So, I’ve worked it all out, and we’ll be sharing a tour bus to Texas."

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