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Chapter 3: Are We There Yet?


Daniel looked at him, "And how are we going to all share a tour bus? They’re kind of limited in bunks Aaron."

Jason looked at Britt, and saw that she looked nervous. "Maybe we should just stick to our own buses, Aaron. It’s a good idea, but…" He moved closer to Britt, and was about to continue, when she interrupted him.

"No, No. Jason I’m okay with this really. I think it’s a great idea Aaron."

Matt looked at Jason, who looked a bit wounded, and then at Britt -- who definitely looked uncomfortable.

"Awesome! I knew you’d be cool with this, Britt!" Aaron hooked his arm around her neck playfully, "You’re just like one of the guys!"

"Thanks… I think," Britt muttered.

"Well, if it’s all settled then, I’ll let the other guys know, and we’ll be back down in about ten minutes so we can get on the road," Matt stated.

"Sure thing! We’ll see you then," Aaron said.

As the rest of them climbed the stairs, Daniel looked at Aaron. "I hope you got that waitress’ number, ‘cause when Britt kills you sometime tomorrow I’ll have to know your next of kin."

Aaron gave him a shove, "Shut up, Danny!"


Britt stood in her dressing room throwing in a few more things to her suitcase. She was mad at herself for not saying no to Aaron’s suggestion and all because she didn’t want Jason sticking up for her. "I’m such a jerk," she thought. "He seems like a great guy, and I can’t just trust him!"

Slamming her suitcase shut, she picked up her other two, and started down the stairs. Seeing Jason and Daniel out of the corner of her eye, made her want to get down the stairs even more. "Maybe there’s an elevator!" Her eyes scoured the floor for the elevator, only to see the dread ‘Out of Order’ sign posted on its doors. Letting out a sigh, she began going down the stairs, lugging the heavy suitcases behind her.

Jason saw Britt leave her dressing room, and struggle with the suitcases down the stairs. She’d hurt him earlier… but he still felt he should help her. "I’ll be back in a bit Daniel…"

Britt stopped a bit to get a better grip on her shoulder bag, when suddenly the largest suitcase on wheels, rolled forward. Grabbing at it, she couldn’t get a grip and the suitcase continued rolling.

Jason saw the suitcase roll down the stairs, and Britt desperately trying to get it back. He broke out into a run, and dashed by her and after the suitcase.

Britt had dropped her other suitcases, and started to jog down the steps after the runaway, when a cold breeze brushed past her, startled she looked to see Jason chasing after the suitcase.

She blew a stray piece of hair off her face. No matter what she couldn’t escape him.

Jason was gaining on the suitcase, but knew he couldn’t stop in time, before it barreled into Jeremy Camp at the bottom of the base level. Hopping onto the banister, he let himself slide down, the rest of two levels. He would most definitely beat the suitcase this way. Reaching the base level, he jumped off the banister, and landed by Jeremy, who looked startled to see him.

Jason stuck his foot out, "Hey, Jeremy!" he said just as the suitcase thumped his foot.

"Hey, Jas, how’s it goin’?" Jeremy glanced down at the suitcase, "I had that happen to me once. I’m just going to say you handled the recovery much smoother than I did."

"Really? I’d like to hear that story sometime," Jason said, a bit out of breath. He looked to see Britt was almost at the bottom level.

"I got it, Britt," he picked up the suitcase, but hadn’t realized the latch had come undone, spilling all of the clothes over the bottom steps. He looked down, "Oops…"

Britt flushed. "Great, now it’s just gotten worse. My clothes and everything is exposed to two men… I just want to get to Texas…"

Jason looked embarrassed and Jeremy couldn’t stifle his laugh any longer.

Britt shook her head and bent down and began to put the clothes back in the suitcase, when the tour bus horn honked.

"We better hurry up," Jeremy said.

Jason kneeled down, "I’ll help you put it back."

Embarrassed, she grabbed all of her panties and bras into her arms, "Um… okay… You don’t have to help but… thanks Jason."

"It’s no prob… ‘Sides, I spilled them all. I didn’t know it wasn’t latched."

She smiled, which he returned, and her eyes locked with his for a moment… Until Daniel came in.

"You guys coming? We’re all ready."

Britt cleared her throat, "Yeah, we’re coming."

She threw in her undergarments, and both she and Jason stood. As Jason held open the door for her, she made a mental note: "Avoid Jason as much as possible on the remainder of the tour."

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