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Chapter 5: Tyler Means Starting Fresh?


The tour bus pulled into the back lot of the arena, and the groups were ready and anxious for the concert -- especially after being in the tour bus all day.

Daniel massaged his neck and looked at Aaron. "Don’t ever suggest that again, please. It was very tight in there…" he paused, "and you kept me up half the night text-messaging that waitress…" he grumbled.

"Her name’s Wendy, and I’m sorry for keeping you awake… but I wanted to talk to her."

"O.K. fine, Wendy then. Is there anyway to turn your text messaging to silent?"

"I’ll look," Aaron offered.

"Thanks," then Daniel grinned, "maybe you should call next time. Your bill will probably be outrageous!"

Aaron laughed, "Yeah, probably will be."

"Is anyone hungry?" Jonathon asked.

"I think we all are," Matt said coming up alongside Jonathon.


They all headed for the cafeteria, Jason and Britt lagging behind. Entering the cafeteria, they all got their food as quickly as possible, and sat down.

"Where’s Jeremy?" Aaron asked suddenly.

"He was with us coming in," Britt said, surprised he wasn’t in for the food.

"I’ll go find him," Jonathon said, getting up.


Fifteen minutes had passed before Jonathon returned. "I found him."

Jeremy walked in, with a surprise guest. "Sorry, guys, I couldn’t keep him out. I tried security and everything.." he said with a wide grin.


They looked, surprised to see Matt Thiessen standing next to Jeremy.

"FYI Jeremy, I actually bypassed security," he said with a mischievous smile on his face.

Jeremy laughed, "I don’t believe you for a moment."

Matt stood up and went over to Matty, "Hey man! This is a great surprise! I wasn’t expecting you to come! It’s great to see you again!"

"Thanks, you too! After our convo last night, I caught the red eye here."

"Why don’t you join us for some food?"

"Sure! Those Chewy bars on the flight don’t do much for me, but they sure did help the Chatty cathy next to me, even if it was only for a few minutes. She was very informative for a five year old -- and quite interesting."

Matt laughed, "If I know you, you didn’t mind the talk, especially from children. You gave her the Chewy since she was still hungry after the first one, didn’t you?"

Matty sat backwards on the chair. "She was sweet. I couldn’t say no to her. She even offered me her Ken doll, and went into great detail of her storyline."

"You played with her, didn’t you?"

"There are some things about me you will never know, Matt. That is one of my many ones." Matty said with a smirk.

Matt laughed, "Have some breakfast with us."


After breakfast had been eaten, Jeremy announced he had someone he wanted them to meet.

"Guys, this is Chad. He’s the newest crew member. He’ll be driving one of the tour buses."

"Hey, welcome Chad!" Daniel said, shaking his hand.

The others said similar greets, and then Jeremy introduced him to everyone. "Steven’s not here right now, but you’ll get to meet him later."

"It must be weird being the only girl on the tour," Chad said to Britt.

"It was, especially at first. I’ve become a little more adjusted," she replied. The last words fell more quieter, as her gaze fell on Jason. "Mostly adjusted."

Chad followed her gaze as well. "Is he your boyfriend?"

Her gaze was broken, and she laughed. "Oh no! No he’s not my boyfriend, that’s just Jason."

"Oh, okay."

Now Jason was looking in their direction.

"Hey man!" Daniel said, poking Jason.

"What?" Jason said looking at him.

"Britt was looking at you!"

Jason nodded solemnly. "I know."

Daniel rolled his eyes. "All right, you know what? I’m tired of your moping, even if it’s just for a day. We’re doing something fun! Something that doesn’t involve women .. Particularly Britt!" Daniel turned Jason sideways, "March!"


After they left the room, Daniel announced. "We’re gong to go play some hockey. You could use some fresh air. We’ll go see what Texas has to offer."

"Daniel, I…" Jason stated, but stopped when he saw a woman walking down the hall, carrying a baby on her hip, and another woman was with her.

"Isn’t that Sarah and Emmy?" Jason asked.

"I think so…"

Sarah came over to them. "Hi! Jason and Daniel, right?"

"That’s us… maybe. It depends on what we’re in trouble for," Daniel joked.

Sarah laughed, "Actually, I was wondering if you know where Matt is?"

Sarah followed Daniel and Jason back to the cafeteria, the unknown girl following behind.

"Matt, there’s a surprise for you."

Both Matt’s in the room looked, "What is it?"

When Matt (H that is
J) saw Sarah he stood up. "Sarah!"

He quickly went over and embraced her. "I’m glad you came!" he kissed Sarah then looked at Emmy. "Emmy! She’s grown so much in just two months!" He placed a kiss on her soft-blonde hair. Then he saw the other girl. "Sam!" He hugged her, "Wow! This is great!"

Matty stood up from his chair and came over, "Aww… poor Emmy…"

Matt instantly looked concerned, "What? What’s wrong with her?"

Matty grinned devishly, "Nothing, just the fact she looks like you."

Matt frowned, but Sarah turned to Matty. "Matty, I know you’re our friend, but I won’t let you talk to him like that." Raising her hand, she hit Matty on the back of his head.

Matty scowled, but not for long -- cause that’s when he saw her. Long brown hair, gorgeous eyes. "Wow. She’s cute," he said grinning.

Matt looked, "That’s my sister."

"Uh huh," Matty said pushing past him. He walked right up to her, "Hi, I’m Matt."

"Sam," she said with a smile, as she shook his hand.

Matt stood there watching Matty talk and flirt with his sister, a small grin on his face. "Matty, Matty. If you only knew."

"What?" Jason said, who’d been standing next to him.

"I read Relient’s book, and I know what type of girl she is -- I’m just not going to tell him."

"C’mon Jas, let’s have some guy downtime."


Daniel pulled into the parking lot of the skating rink. "We’re going to play a few rounds, of which I’ll win of course."

"I’m getting some food inside. I’m hungry and it took you an hour to get here."

"Calm down Jas, the map was wrong."

"Or maybe you got lost?"

"No, no. It was the map. Don’t make me ruffle your mo -- chill out. When you got girl troubles you’ve gotta go do manly things."

"All right, I know I’m being grumpy. I’m sorry Daniel."

"Don’t sweat it," he replied.

After getting on their gear and skates, they went onto the rink.

Usually Jason got into playing hockey, but he just couldn’t anymore. All is mind could focus on was Britt and the stalker.

Britt was setting up the stage for her opening set.

"Hey Britt!"

She heard someone call her name and looked down to see Chad standing at the base of the stage.

"Oh, hi Chad! I’m just setting up for my set tonight."

"Need an extra hand?"

"No, I’m good, thanks." She let out a sigh. "Is Jason still here?"

"I overheard he and Daniel talking about going to play some hockey."

She nodded, "Oh okay."

"Whatever you need him for, I can probably help you with just as well."

She was a bit taken aback by the tone in his voice, but figured he meant nothing by it, and was just trying to help. "Oh, it’s nothing."

"I can leave a note for him when he comes back if you’d like."

She smiled, "No, that’s all right, but thanks Chad."

"Sure, no prob."

Matt came up behind her. "Hey Britt, how you holding up?"

"I’m doing pretty good Matt, thanks. I’m a bit tired. I think I’ll go get some Joe."

"Sounds good for me too. I’d like you to meet my wife, Sarah."

"Hi Sarah! It’s great to meet you, I’m Britt."

"You too! Matt’s told me we’d probably get along great."

Britt laughed, "I hope so. Would you like to join me for some Starbucks? Maybe Sam would like to come also."

Matt rolled his eyes, "If you can detach Matt from her hip."


Daniel and Jason had wrapped up their hockey ‘game’, and Daniel had won.

Walking the towards the car, Daniel looked at him. "Jas, I suck at hockey and I still won! This really bothers you. But I see why, it’s very serious."

"I’m just really nervous about tonight… If this guy is the stalker the cops are looking for, then why show his face?"

"You saw his face?"

"Only the outline. I wish I saw it more, then if it is him, I could’ve called the cops and none of this would be happening."

"Let’s see if there’s any news about it on the radio," Daniel stated.

He switched it to AM radio, and backed out of the space without looking. He smashed into a Jaguar that was driving by.

Daniel yelled in shock, and then his mouth made the perfect ‘O’. Squealing his tires he left the irate blonde by the Jaguar giving him the "bye bye birdie".

Jason looked at him in shock. "You could’ve killed her!"

"What?! I’m Daniel Biro of the Hawk Nelson -- I can’t go to prison!"

He switched it to AM radio, and backed out of the space, when a bulletin came on the radio.

"’The police have recently discovered that the Stalker of the South has changed his appearance. According to an anonymous source, it is rumored that the person has had plastic surgery.’"

Jason looked at Daniel, his mouth agape.

They were both speechless.

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