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Chapter 6: No Pudding. No Proof


That was all Daniel could say.

Jason groaned, "This just makes it worse! How am I supposed to find out who this guy is?"

"You’re going to have to become a detective. You’ll have to watch for him, look for similarities between him and other people around you or Britt. No one’s ever going to know as long as your subtle," Daniel paused. "I think I’ve made an honorary member of the Hardy Boys."

"Then I guess I’m Frank," Jason said somberly.

Daniel shook his head. "No, you’re Joe."

"Why am I…" then Jason stopped. "I get it. You like the blonde better. You just can’t accept the darker hair can you?"

"I’m sorry! I liked it better blonde."

Jason just shook his hand, but there was a tug of a smile on his lips.

"I’m thirsty. How about we drop in at the Starbucks up ahead?"

"Sounds good."


Sarah, Britt and Sam sat the table talking and enjoying their Mocha frappucinos.

"That was so sweet of you to come down and see matt. He really missed you and Emmy," Britt said.

"We missed him too. I think Emmy even knew he wasn’t there. She’d cry for a bit after I put her to bed, because he’d always read a story to her at bedtime. So, I thought it’d be good to come down."

"I wanted to see Matt too… I’ve missed him. Plus, I thought Texas would be really cool … and it is, I love it!"

"I’m hoping to see some more things here before we leave," Britt replied.

"Was Matt T. hitting on you, Sam?"

Sam laughed a little, "Yes … mercilessly."

"Do you like him?" Sarah asked playfully.

Sam bit her lower lip. "Yeah, he’s cute, but I think I’ll play with him a bit."

"You mean play hard to get?" Britt asked.

Sam nodded.

"Oh, Sam… Matty is most definitely a hand full, but to play hard to get that’s being mean."

"Don’t most guys like that?"

"Matt wasn’t like that. We both clicked right away. We met casually for some coffee, and it just furthered from there."

"That’s so sweet," Britt said quietly.

"Are you okay?" Sam asked.

She smiled faintly. "Yeah, sure, I’m good."

"So… I shouldn’t play hard to get?"

"I think you should just be cool. See what he does next -- if anything -- then if you like him, go with it from there."

"Okay. I guess I’ll try."

"Britt, are you sure you’re okay?" Sarah asked.

She sighed, debating whether to say anything. "It’s just that I hear you talking about how sweet you and Matt are, and I’m really glad, but I’ve never experienced that with guys I’ve dated."

Sarah put her hands over Britt’s. "One day you will, Britt. One guy will be very lucky to have you."



Daniel and Jason got out of the car, and went inside.

While waiting inline, Jason happened to look out the window. His eyes got wide as he saw Daniel’s Land Rover heading right towards him!


"Not now, Jas. One white chocolate frappucinos and one Jamocha frappucinos, please."


"Hang on," Daniel said as he paid the cashier.

"Daniel, your…"

Before Jason could finish there was a horrible crunching sound, and the back of Daniel’s SUV smashed through the front of the Starbucks.

Daniel looked and screamed. "My fifty-thousand baby!"

While Jason was off to the side of Britt, in his arms. "Hey," he said calmly, grinning.

"Hey," she responded, still kind of dazed.

They were interrupted by Daniel’s loud wailing, as he cradled what was left of his driver’s side mirror.

Almost immediately Daniel saw Britt, Sarah, and Sam in the far corner, talking and drinking. He didn’t say anything to Jason about it and instead got in line.

"I’m gonna get Aaron a super-caffeinated drink. One that’ll leave him wired totally all night."


"I’m just jokin’ with him. He loved the place in Canada. I’m just going to mix together some drinks, put them in a giant mug and give it to him."

"I don’t think that would be a good idea."

"I’d like 1 White Chocolate and 1 Jamocha frappucinos. Also 2 of your strongest coffee mixes and 3 of your strongest frappucinos mixes, please."

Daniel grinned widely when the cashier gave him a ‘Huh?’ look.


Sam grasped Britt and Sarah’s hand. "Hey! It’s those guys, Jason and Daniel!"

"Oh no!" Britt said out loud before she could stop herself.

"Why don’t we ask them to eat with us?" Sam asked, cheerily.

"No, Sam, I don’t think…"

But it was too late, Sam was already waving them over.

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